Japan Earthquake Relief: “I’m with you!”message greeting cards

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Japan Greeting Card

by Annmarie Barlow

I enjoy the style of minimal design. I do not believe in using 8 words when 4 will do. Therefore in my work I try to condense big ideas down into strong simple images that will impact any viewer. With all that being said that is the idea behind this card. The front is black with simple text that says, “Disaster takes seconds.” I chose black because it is representative of the darkness and chaos that often follows disaster. At first after a disaster strikes things seem hopeless. However, then on the inside of the card I have the Japanese flag with the words “Recovery takes people.” The inside is not only representative of Japan but also of the hope that follows when people come together to help each other in times of struggle and need. I wanted a simple design with a simple yet powerful statement that anyone can relate to.