Japan Earthquake Relief: “I’m with you!”message greeting cards

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Let us rebuild

by Ajish Pai


Let Us Re build
This is a simple Greeting Card …but it took hrs for me in this …
In this picture I have drawn kids from different countries helping each other to build sand castle on the beach. On a sunny day
It’s a simple drawing …
But what I want to convey is that ..
Kids :-they are simple and innocent , we must learn a lot from them , their mind is pure …so when we are working together ..just be as simple as kid…
Building sandcastle (with japan flag) on the seashore:- the soil that is washed away by the mighty sea….and that soil is been turned to a castle . . . . sea may wash it again but ..we continue together again and again
Sunny Day:- it is right time to re-invest and make a better future …

Just a few thoughts…that came in mind…and that turned to a drawing…
another contribution from me