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Reach it!

by reecaardoo08


A child cheered with joy as he finally finished his pinwheel. The child held it up, high and proud... yet no breeze blew, no gust visited, no wind whistled.
The child's sister saw his brother jumping up and down, wishing to catch the wind higher up, for him to finally see his pinwheel turn. She went outside and lifted her brother on her shoulders. The pinwheel turned! And then again, the wind was gone.
Their father so the daughter walking tiptoed around the yard as the child reached stretched and stretched to finally see his pinwheel turn. The father went outside and carefully lifted his daughter on his shoulder while the child was on his sister's shoulder.
He lifted hi pinwheel... and it turned. And it turned. AND IT KEPT ON TURNING! It was amazing. The child never smiled so big before!
The father, the daughter and the child happily walked around the yard as the pinwheel turned and turned and turned.