Japan Earthquake Relief: “I’m with you!”message greeting cards

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Japan will bloom again

by tom miller

The goal of this entry is to create a message of hope and renewal while drawing on the rich history and strong commitment of Japan to the traditions of arts and crafts. We choose to focus on the transformative act and adopted the metaphor of flowering which has ample precedent in Japan’s rich history, art and culture. We settled on the tag phrase “Japan will bloom again”. This suggests the act of transformation and change of seasons while suggesting the encouraging message “this too shall pass”. The card cover uses the modern symbol of Japan and the text “Japan will”. This can be interpreted as the “will of Japan” and suggests the perseverance of the Japanese. Inside the card contains the text “Bloom again” which creates hope for the future. The inside of the card has the historical symbol of Japan, the chrysanthemum motif. The chrysanthemum is rendered in pink crepe paper in a manner that pops up, or blooms when the card opens. The die cut pink crepe paper, delicate in nature, suggests the fragile nature of recovery and Japans proud heritage. The card is very simple in design, but very evocative in effect.