Japan Earthquake Relief: “I’m with you!”message greeting cards

Competition Details


by kuben David


This is a print that I created during the time when South Africa had it's very first Democratic Elections after the Apartheid ruled government. I would like to submit this piece for a design on a greeting card for the theme: I'M WITH YOU".

I would like to convey the message that now matter what challenges that we are faced with in our lives, at the end of it all, we are all the same, just human beings. And during these bleak moments in life, our human nature automatically takes over to help, and convey support in any way possible to another human being.

With togetherness as people (apart from race, culture and social status), we can support each other to overcome the challenges that we encounter in life.

This is what my abstract design is all about. I have experienced it from a political point of view, but the principle/ideaology is similar. Therefore, I would like to share the same message for the peolple of Japan.