Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

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My Heart To ALL

by drahcirbros

Inspired by the prayer’s slip of Japanese temple, this necklace brings our wishes or emotional support closer to the person who receives it. One/ Many is encourage to pen down personal messages to the person they love or anyone in this unfortunate scenario for JAPAN.

01. open your compact box of " i'm with you, JAPAN!" [there are 5 colours series available], you will find 12 pieces of tags, 1 tag body, 1 " i'm with you!" marker pen and a transparent nylon necklace. 02. pen down your good wishes or thoughts for JAPAN or a fellow friend in JAPAN from the heart with the " i'm with you!" marker pen in which ever country you are from. 03. slip the tag through the vertical grip on tag body, snake through slit on tag in a zig-zag manner to create your desired finished look. 04. insert " i'm with you!" marker pen into designated position. 05. slip nylon necklace through designated position. 06. place back into compact box & ready to send it to someone whom you loved in JAPAN or anywhere on earth .

Constructing "MY HEART TO ALL"
The main materials are of lightweight of thick plastic films of 1mm to 1.5mm for the “ I’m with you!” tag, recyclable plastics for the tag body and recycled nylon fishing lines for the necklace.