Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

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by Ramiya Ramanathan

Embrace [em-breys]
(v) to take or clasp, hold tight, hug …

Love can heal anything. You embrace what you love! Especially during this difficult time, we need to embrace our friends in Japan and reassure our love and support. Wearing this accessory is my way of showing this. Additionally, when worn, the product would stay close to the wearer’s heart symbolizing the fact that the wearer has this issue close to their heart.

Product description:
A light weight magnetic bead that clasps around a thin wire – typically a headphone. Hinged at one end, the bead should snap open/close at the other end to be clasped around the wire. The bead should be matte finished to provide a good grip.

Just to be creative and increase sales, we can print different motifs on the bead symbolizing different messages e.g. flower, butterfly etc.