Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

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chikyuu chic you

by NicoC
Co-authors: Manzi Fernand, Wagner Camille

Given the disaster that hit Japan, the international community takes action to support the victims. Through this enhancement, we want to show this solidarity, enabling carriers to show it, but subtly and in a distinguished way. The assistance that everyone can bring is illustrated by the portion of the garment that is revealed through our object and complete it. And the accessory in question takes shape of the flag, a symbol that represents the countries around the world.
By exploiting this, we want to show international solidarity through a national heritage. The red circle, a traditional symbol that represents the Japanese rising sun, is an essential element of this emblem. Here, the flag is deprived of it, to illustrate the human and material losses caused by these disasters. But this lack, this "gap" is completed, "groomed" by the fabric of the wearer, or the globe engraved, which witnesses the global support.
This small fashion accessory, can be worn in different ways according to taste.
The white laquered upper part is made of nickel or brass. The attachment system, designed in a flexible metal, is covered with a red lacquered engraving.