Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

Competition Details

Connect the dot

by Pomme van Hoof
Co-authors: Anna van der Lei

Buttons are of all time, all people and all places. It is about daily life, strength, warmth and connection.
We thought of the button as the best wearable accessory to communicate a small, simple and kind gesture with.

For this competition we propose a special button. A circle of holes in the button makes it possible to create a pattern. Connect the dots with a thread and the pattern, which has a relation to the Japanese flag and the earthquake, becomes visible.

The product will express ‘I’m with you’ in different ways:

1. it invites you to do something: First of all it asks you to do something with care. Ideally the button will be sold on a card showing you the message ‘I’m with you’ and a red thread and needle which invite you to create the pattern yourself. On the back of the card will be a drawing of a finished pattern.

2. it stimulates conversation: You can wear it in combination with the normal buttons on your clothes. Maybe you pick the top button of your coat to be this special button. The odd button will stand out against the normal ones so big chance people will start asking about it.

3. seeing possibilities when time goes on: The button will remind you of your support for Japan. Maybe when time goes on you will choose to change the red thread for another color. Better to use it in a different way then to throw it away.

We see the buttons being made out of ceramics or wood. Materials that are warm and express value. Preferably no plastics.