Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

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Band for Japan

by Bruno Rocha

My idea of a symbolic charity accessory is based on an elegant and discreet band. I have tried to develop an accessory in the Japanese spirit, pure and simple capturing their respectful culture. This modest band shows support for the people in the disaster areas of Japan.

The band is adaptable, not invasive and can be used in many different ways. It can be worn as a fashion accessory, used as a bookmark, or however you want to use it. There is room for imagination and people are not forced to use it only in one unique way.

The accessory is made of an elegant traditional Japanese fabric that is firm enough to hold it's shape. The band folds in half and inside the fabric is a magnet to hold the two ends of the folded band in place. As a result the accessory stays put and does not move. The message ā€œIā€™M WITH YOU!ā€ is written on both faces; English on one side and Japanese on the other. Therefore, people can wear it either showing the message in English or in Japanese. The band is in two colors, red and white, in reference to the Japanese flag. The slogan is followed by the Japanese flag to reinforce the link back to Japan and to the disaster that hit their country.