Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

Competition Details

The Bird of Happiness

by Jalaj Chatwal


Cranes are sacred creatures in Japanese culture that stand for prosperity and longevity because of their fabled life span of a thousand years. Taking into consideration the symbolic and cultural value of the crane which is also Japan’s national bird, a decorative pin has been designed. This crane inspired accessory symbolizes support, healing and hope during challenging times.

The details of this particular symbolic charity accessory are as follows: Length of pin including crane is 70mm.
The crane has dimensions of 20mm by 27mm by 7mm.
Made in metal.

This design could also be worked with a concept of using origami crane folded by hand from a sheet of sterling silver with the metal pin. In order to make the design cost effective, recycled handmade paper could be used as an alternative for making the origami cranes.
In these cases the origami cranes for the product could be handcrafted by the people at grassroots giving them sustainable livelihood option.
Today this practice of folding 1,000 cranes represents longevity, strength, recovery and happiness. Hoping the accessory adds to the prayers for peace and acts as a gesture of support!