Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

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A Warm Embrace

by cam88

A simple and unique design, this ring illustrates a hug, with two arms wrapping around the wearer's finger.

A hug is an action of comfort, friendship, acceptance, welcome, love, concern, and warmth--qualities that those affected by a devastating disaster, such as the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, need most. Most importantly, an embrace expresses connectedness. For a few moments, two people are connected and united, and the powerful message of "I'm with you" is demonstrated.

Hopefully, the ring will remind the wearer that he/she is not alone. That much needed hug isn't far away--it's already on your finger.

The first image is the design in it's basic, 2-D form. The 2nd image displays a simple, smooth, 3-d version of the design, and the 3rd and 4th images give an idea of how this version would look when worn. The 5th and 6th images show a more complex, a more dimensional version of the ring.