Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

Competition Details


by ronan abgral abhamon

GRI-GRI is a talisman to rekindle hope, to bring wishes and transmit positive energy to japanese people in distress after the recent natural disaster.

GRI-GRI is composed with 2 medals in metal, plastic or cardboad, the imperatif is a sparkling gloss paint finishing.

GRI-GRI's m├ędal 1 : - face 1 ; Japan is in our hearts

- face 2 ; 'I'M" in relation with face 1; in empathy with Japan

GRI-GRI's medal 2 - face 1 ; a tear now but a smiling Japan in future

- face 2 ; "WITH YOU" is the last word full of hope and kindness

GRI-GRI's 2 medals are tied with a rope that offer lot of possibilities to fix it on your clothes or your body

GRI-GRI is a talisman to remind that front of such tragedy, humanity remenber is unity. Tall is man