Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

Competition Details

Japan Heart

by villy kampouraki

The item I have designed for this competition and Japan appeals to men and women, young and old, and it is appropriate on any occasion. It is wearable, mobile and it is small enough to fit into an envelope to be sent as a gift. It can be wore as a necklace or a decorative pin.

The materials that have been used are cheap and easy to find and they are recycled plastic, metal pin, leather string, black and red paint. The materials can be substituted by others such as chipboard, cardboard and the right paint so as to be waterproof.

The idea of this Design is that we all love the people of Japan and care for them. They are being tested because of a physical disaster at this moment and we want to help them as much as we can. In the place of our heart stands Japan (the red circle, symbol of Japan). The black figure and the heart is a symbolic charity accessory to express the sentiment of “I’m with you!” – or “Our thoughts are with you” to help people in the disaster areas in Japan, it is a symbol of support, love, hope, solidarity, connectedness, dream, future and other positive thoughts that bring the world together in times like this.