Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

Competition Details

Prayer Beads Ring

by darinbnguyen

The item that I have created for this competition is a ring. I got the concept from prayer beads. Prayer beads are used for many things but most importantly it represents faith. Faith in Japan rebuilding itself back to its original state and even become a better nation. This is something that has a universal use in all forms of religions. People throughout history have used these beads for prayers, chants of devotions, meditation, and protection from negative energy.

The design is a mini version of these prayer beads that can fit around your finger. All beads are attached to a single plate that spins around on a second plate. The ring would be made with some type of aluminum to be efficient with the budget that was given. The beads itself will be red and made out of wood or aluminum and will be attached to a base plate. The base plate that they’re attached to will be white. As a single piece they will represent the Japanese flag. The theme “I’m with you!” will be engraved inside the ring to remind people of the message. The edges will be rounded to fit comfortably around your finger. This will also allow for easy removal. The ring size will be close to the average wedding band.

The ideal placement to wear the ring would be anywhere (mid/base) of the index finger so the thumb can easily spin the beads.

I have attached 4 pictures to represent the design.
1. A picture of the final product.
2. A picture of the ring with a dissecting view of the inter parts.
3. A picture of the ring in action spinning.
4. An example of prayer beads in use.