Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

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Little People

by EliC

A pair chibi (little/short people) embracing Japan in their loving arms. Their white kimonos and the red sun a represention of Japan.They were meant to be cute trinkets to show support for Japan which can either be worn on a necklace, wristband or adorning a keychain.

Trinkets were made in a pair to cater for both both sexes and all age groups. They be bought and sold separately as gifts or keepsakes.

Fonts adorning the back of the chibi's kimonos with the words "I'm with you" were custom made based on the iconic red circle of Japan's flag.

Taking into consideration of cost effectiveness as well weight of the trinkets, the best materials would be polymer clay or resin. As for the trinkets I have created here, they were made from polymer clay and hand painted with acrylics. They stand at approx 3cm in height.