Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

Competition Details

A New Bloom of Hope

by Ramya Ramakrishnan

Design: A representation of a Cherry Blossom upon a red circle as blooming of Hope.
Material: Ceramic, both pieces cast from separate moulds, and fused after firing.

This design has evolved from two thought process melded together, regarding the design, as well as what material it could be made of.

Design: Cherry blossoms have long been associated with the cultural tradition of Japan, and hold a special significance for them. Its extreme beauty, transient nature and quick death represents to the Japanese the natural way of life, where rise and fall are the main elements in limited time. It is also believed to have rich connections to Buddhism. Thus I chose it to represent the resilient spirit of the Japanese, supported by the red circle behind it.
The red circle is a symbolic nod towards the Japanese flag, and the rising Sun, also to represent how there is a way upwards, towards Hope.
Thus the design represents Japan worldwide, as well as holds special meaning to its people. It conveys truly the meaning ‘I’m with you’ and support Japan anywhere on earth.

Material: Japanese pottery is one of the country’s oldest art forms. As the accessory has to be mass-produced, and use as many local resources as possible, it seems to be the best option as it is a form which is already a traditional art produced in the country, thus supporting the people and the area. The cost of manufacturing would thus be relatively cheap, and ensure more funds raised for the devastated area.

Thus the entire design would be simple to produce, eye-catching, immediately identifiable, clearly defines the concept, and extremely practical to manufacture. It is also designed to be worn in a variety of ways, thus being suitable for any person of any age group or gender as well as small and light enough to be sent as a gift in an envelope.
It can be worn as a pendant, a bracelet, a badge, a decorative pin/brooch, used as a keychain, mobile phone charm, and many more other ways, making it a flexible and thus more popular item.