Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

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Badges "Where the sun will rise again"

by Marinova

My idea for accessory is to create 3 badges with the national colors of the Japanese flag.
When we wear this badges we show our support and love to the Japanese people.
I have also an idea which is connected with my country - Bulgaria. We have a national symbolic accessory which is called "martenitsa", it's in the same colors - white and red and we wear it rom March 1 until around the end of March.
So we can create this badges and distribute them in Bulgaria in March 2012 - 1 year after the earthquake in Japan and in this way the Bulgarian people can show the support to Japan, using and waering 2 symbols in 1 accessory.
For more information about this symbol please follow the links:

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration.