Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

Competition Details


by butinkuo
Co-authors: JIA-PEI SU

“ Let’ s TSUNAGU !! ”

「 TSUNAGU 」 is a Japanese vocabulary means “to be combined ” or “ to get united ” . Not only means two objects to get united, but also means to build interpersonal relationship.

The first idea coming to us regarding this project is what human being need after surviving from a terrible nature disaster? Love, of course. To us the secret to recover so as to build strong will going forward is to have hearts to be together! To be strongly united, we design this bow tie.

Allow us to introduce our design「 TSUNAGU 」. It is a bow tie. The reason we design a bow tie is based on the shape of a bow tie that is based on two symmetrical parts. However, the two parts are combined together tightly; each part can’t stand alone or be separated, because of being united, they form a bow tie.
This is also the most important impression.

“ I'm with you "
"let’s joint together tightly , let’s be the one ! ” 

Zoom in more details of the design. The visualized shape of the parts is in heart-shape feature, as in the center, there are two hands hold together tightly. It is designed to emphasize the spirit and symbolic of the image to show two hearts are together to share one hope and one vision, represent the meaning of「TSUNAGU」.

The concept of red and white color is from Japan’s national flag. It is to respect the spirit of Japanese’ strong will, and to demonstrate and again to align our design concept: when we united together, we can be as powerful as the Sun and have the courage and strength to conquer any darkness or challenges.

The bow tie has multiple purposes, could simply be a bowtie for all ages, meanwhile could be hair accessory, necklace, brooch or be attached on handbags. All depends on variety of the carrier.

Hope you enjoy our bow tie「TSUNAGU」, thank you.