Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

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by jmarchalsiwert11

Relief is changing the face of a nation. Coming from friends and foe’s of the state. Disaster strikes creating a catastrophic effect. Mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, sons and fathers embracing each other for the world they once knew is no more. A proud nation built on the grounds of technology is buried now in a sea of tears. Their cry is heard from nation to nation holding out hands reaching people across the world asking for help. “Hear our cries!” they scream and plead out loud. “Listen to our prayers!” Listen, to Buddha, listen to Kami, listen to our God begging for aid. Wanting to help Japan, but how?

It’s time we Americans, we of all mankind, do the thing that makes us human. It shouldn’t matter what race we are or where we come from. It’s time to be compassionate. It’s time we help. Open your eyes, Open your hearts, open your minds a Great Nation has fallen and is in great need. Senseless deaths from hate and war disappear beyond a red moon. Help, help, help! Ignore those words of hatred. Blend in what you see. Feel just feel.

Bodies are lost and broken in a row by row. Faces of families destroyed torn by a sea, torn by the World that has gone in insane. Opening its tired eyes is a city that is awakened by a storm of screams with a red moon flickering from beyond. Suddenly, down the sea, a tsunami of waves came crashing into the city. The city cries. A rumble a shake a tremor starts the first earthquake. Then, a massive 8.9 earthquake topples the city. Tumbling buildings, causing people to vanish. Then to add to their dismay, a nuclear disaster waits in the darkest of shadows. The country was shaken and torn but will never be broken.

Nature versus humanity, should I state the obvious? What becomes of a nation that is stricken with mother nature’s fury. Why Buddha? Why Kami? Why? Yet, it does not rest there. People are crying and starving. Not knowing if they can take another day. Japan’s continent sits in middle of six tectonics plates. They did not ask for this. They are asking for help. They are asking for food. They are asking for shelter. They are asking for aid. They are asking for you. Continue to be strong Japan. Relief is on the way.