Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

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Unity Backpack

by Monica Estornell

Monica Estornell
May 3, 2011

I chose to design a backpack because of its practicality and the fact that it is a universal article that both men and women use equally. A simple, grey, zipper free backpack with a single cross strap made from recycled fabrics is low in cost, easy to fold for shipping, and environmentally friendly. The 10” x 13” x 4” backpack would have a 5” fold over flap; a size convenient for daily use and traveling.

The symbol, which would be placed on the backpack’s flap (¼ inch from the right edge and ¼ inch from the bottom), represents love, unity, and support. The eight red circles hinting at Japan’s national flag are used in a pattern to create repetition and unity, which reflects the conceptual aspect of the design. The graceful linear shape, is a set of curved lines supporting one another in order to create the form; the form once again echo’s the concept, as we are coming together to show support for Japan.