Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

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Rising Sun

by Thomas Weigel

The idea behind the shirt was to use a symbol that everyone can identify as Japanese. My idea was to then use that symbol and portray it with some distress and wear and tear. I still wanted to make it look bruised but more importantly as if it was overcoming. The symbol that I chose was the rising sun of Japan. I first saw this image used on the old Japanese flag. This rising sun showed a lot of strength and had elements of meaning in it that I felt brought exactly what I needed to complete this project. I decided to show the sun rising in the top left around the heart area rather than anywhere else on the shirt. I felt that it had the most significance and meaning. I then wrote text on the back of the shirt that states, “We are with you.” I wanted to include this bit of information because it shows that we are with you and we have your back. Also the first thing you see is the rising sun not text. If people really want to know about the shirt they would have to first understand the symbol on the front. I think a lot of people will understand the meaning of the rising sun on the front and realize what it is about rather than just liking the design. This will ultimately leave the viewer wanting to see if anything is on the back, leading them to the quote. The more people that buy it the better chance the sun will rise again.