Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

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by tadeja jutersek

A wristband in shape of two hands. At each end of wristband there is one hand and when we wear it, these two hands hold together. One hand is Japan and the other hand is The rest of the world. The world is with You, Japan!
I'm here for you! I'm with you! Take my hand and hold it for how long you want. And hey, eventhough i am on the other side of the world, i can hold your hand. I stand by your side.

It can be made of synthetic silicone rubber or somethih similar to moosgumi. Like that it is resistant on water, heat, sun, it is not heavy… It is unisex, which and can be carried by old,young, woman, man or child. I purpose at least three different sizes. Different colours of wristband represent different countries, different nationalities.

Wristband is hooked up with Velcro tape in red colour. No matter what colour wristband is, the attachment is always red. This red circle represents Japan. Red velcro hook connected to Velcro loop. The world connected to Japan.