Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

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WAW ! wristbandease

by mei batubara

Tragedy happens to everyone. And the best medicine to relief the pain is knowing that you have friends who care for you. WAW is the abbreviation for Watashi wa Anata to Watashi in Japanese which means literally, I am with you.

The WAW wristbandease is designed using japanese traditional lacquer and leather. The red bold color is expected to give a strong statement to everyone as a reminder that our hearts will always be with the people of Japan.

WAW wristbandease has a hidden USB at the back of the lacquer. More than just an accessories, it is designed to be something useful for daily life. something that close to everybody's heart.

Every time it is plugged into a computer, a thank you message window will pop-up to remind you how you have been a part of the global solidarity movement.