Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

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The Connecting Ethernet Cable Bracelet

by hunter

The Connecting Ethernet Cable Bracelet is a powerfully simple symbol of the immediate and constant connection our global community has with the Japan disasters thanks to the power of the Internet.

Our world is “with” Japan in realtime via online news articles, blogs, feeds, streaming video, and pictures that provide the latest information and ways to donate to efforts aiding Japan.

Red-colored CAT5 ethernet cable symbolizes strength, power, love, and courage. White-colored male and female RJ45 jacks symbolize safety and successful beginnings.

The two colors and circular shape of the connected bracelet echo the Japanese flag, further pushing for a stronger sense of global and national community.

The bracelet can be made using existing materials, is functional, durable, and cost effective.

The Connecting Ethernet Cable Bracelet is a tangible reminder of the collective awareness, concern, and love our world has for Japan as we support their revival!