Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

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Japan Relief Accessory - hachimaki bracelet

by Caitlin Burns

The hachimaki is a type of headband popular in Japanese culture. It is typically made of red, black, or white fabric. It is worn as a symbol of EFFORT and PERSEVERANCE.

The text on the hachimaki often reflects the intentions of its wearer, featuring inspirational phrases like "best in Japan!" or "determination to win!" In the images I have provided, the phrase is "fighting spirit!" or "Tookon!"

I feel that Japan, as well as other of the world, are in need of some encouraging messages. The hachimaki has always been a source of encouragement to its wearers. I thought for a long time about how to take this accessory and make it a universally wearable symbol of endurance and dedication. So, here we have a bracelet version of the hachimaki. My intent is that it will have the same resonance as when worn as a headband.

Ideally the bracelet will come with many different sayings, to suit the buyers' preferences. In addition, different color variations may be introduced if there is a demand.

The Japanese people have proved themselves time and time again to be a very determined, honorable, and tenacious society. The cultural symbol of the hachimaki may perhaps spread this sense of "ganbatte!" or "do your best!" around the globe.


Thanks for taking a look at my entry!