Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

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Let us Light back the candle

by Ajish Pai


Oh! Dear Brothers and Sisters! You may be Japanese, Indian, African, -white –black, Hindu ,Muslim Christian or whatever! But we all are humans! We may or may not believe in “GOD” but we believe in pain
So why not us instead of I and u ! show light and wipe the darkness!
The main Logo the badge shows you
A blown candle (Red one in the middle) :- implicates the life after disaster…[ situation of japan]
That candle which showed light now hides behind darkness .
Then comes the hand lighting the candle : Oh! “dear friend ! when I was blind in the dark , you were the only one who cured me! When I was scared you proved me I am with you”

and now Its my obligation to bring you back…here I am lighting again…“I am with U . I Need U”

Candle indicates Japan and the helping hand shows the rest of the world….
Fire is in the shape of japans Emblem …” oh brother’s and sisters !we are bringing u back”
The white Hearts shows we are in relation “Let us share the feelings together.”
And at 2nd Look
The candle looks like a human (With red head) and the helping hand is feeding with the spoon.

Why I Choose black background ?
Because it indicates Darkness, Sorrow, Negative, lost …….and only way is to wipe out using the light , courage and being positive.
Why red color for candle?
It implies pain, Danger, help .
Why Dragon facing left? (serpent dragon is a mythological creature of East Asia )
Left indicates Past .and that gives the feeling consequences of Disaster.
And Last not the least
Why This Logo? Why not some thing else?
I could Draw wiping tears, or a red cross, or something like that why I chose Candle.
One can wipe your tears with kerchief; cure your wood with medicine but only you yourself can heal the inside pain.
Only thing people can do is console you , give courage and make you bounce …infact we can give you fire …you must take it and come back as lighted candle …glowing forever,
So let us make them feel “we are with you”!
So I conclude saying “Lokha Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu”
“ Let the whole Universe live with Happiness”