Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

Competition Details

"I'm with you!" Japanese Relief symbolic accessory.

by milkman


The "I'm with you!" heart design button/cufflink is a very simple, yet sophisticated accessory perfectly suited to a charitable application such as the Japanese Earthquake Relief. The overall design is a very literal and direct interpretation of the phrase, "I'm with you!"; conveying and symbolizing our "support, love, hope, solidarity, connectedness, dream, future and other positive thoughts that bring the world together in times like this."

The elegant design is formed by a series of hearts encircling the Japanese sun-disc, representing the out-pouring of love, compassion and support from all the corners of the world towards the Japanese people who are at this time suffering greatly due to the recent spate of disasters in Japan.

The overall design concept as previously stated, is very simple and symbolic yet conservative and tactful, allowing the piece to be worn by anyone in any situation. Especially being either a button or cufflink based accessory as this allows the badge to be worn easily and tastefully by anyone from many walks of life, from young students to high powered business men alike.

From a technical view the design is very simple and would be easily designed and manufactured from local materials and resources. The materials could be plastic or aluminum based, thus keeping productions costs to a minimum and ensuring easy production from readily available methods and resources.
Though submitted here as a simple button or cufflink in order to keep production processes simple and costs at a minimum, it is such a strong, iconic and versatile design, that it could easily be applied to almost any medium, be it t-shirts, bags, jewellery, stickers etc the possibilities are endless.

I hope that if my design is selected that it will truly help the Japanese people and successfully symbolist the out pouring of love and support we all feel for the Japanese people during these times of sadness for them.