Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

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by reecaardoo08

This design was inspired by Disney’s Mulan. Mulan, during an avalanche, saved General Shang by holding on to his forearm while he did the same. She pulled him on her horse and they fled to safety. This grip is also present in my country.
In the Philippines, this grip is called kapit-bisig which really means, “holding the arm”. The kapit-bisig is commonly seen in rallies or protests; the interlocking of arms makes the crowd harder to disperse. This grip is more secure than just holding on to each other’s hands. It can also be seen as a kind of handshake to some to show their unwavering trust.
The kapit-bisig design speaks of camaraderie, teamwork and perseverance; a symbol of the support that all countries bring to Japan in this time of need. The two colors of the design symbolize the unity of two different people/races/countries to help Japan in its quest for recovery.
My accessory of choice is no other than the baller. Ever since it’s first appearance, everyone—not just athletes—use these accessories in the everyday, either as the traditional athlete I.D., as a performance enhancer (Power Balance ballers) or as a shout out to what one’s favorite things in life are (Band ballers, Statement ballers, etc.). The baller being a popular trend will make selling the product easy thus making people more aware of what they can do to help.
With this design people can help Japan and look cool while doing it, too!