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The new card type code holder "kururi"&"kururi-mini"

by Kenji Wada

Now there are various electrical appliances used familiar and conveniently. These electrical appliances have evolved every day as our life becomes comfortable. However, the code of stereo earphone etc, the power strip and the AC adaptor attached to them cannot be eliminated because it is necessary by all means as the wiring code for the power supply.

‚óŹNamed [kururi]
It is a 'Card type code holder' that wraps long code such as electrical appliances, AC adaptor audio earphones, PC mouse around the main body around, and can bring it together compactly.

‚óŹNamed [kururistyle]
Power cord is a mutual dependence for electrical appliances.
Using a new item[kururi] in a twist of everyday life.
"kururi" is the present value of the item will be developed by considering the usage.
Everyone together, "kururi" will continue to evolve.

Let's enjoy kururing !