Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

Competition Details


by Eliseu Santos

In the elaboration of this object's concept, the universal - or at least recognized as so by most people - simbology was priorized. This way, the assumption of the world's division in five continents, represented by 5 rings, according to the model used by the Olympic Games was addopted. In the pendant, the silver rings are interlaced in the form of a chain that holds a red disk, a direct allusion to one of the elements of the Japanese national flag. "Our thoughts are with you".

The construction simplicity grants lightness to the set and finds, in the image of a little flower that opens, a sign of hope.

Technical Specifications:
(A) Pendant/Key Basic
-Body: A piece formed by the rings (1) and the base disk (2), made of metal (aluminum, silver or zamak) cast by the centrifugal injection process in a silicone mold;
-Red Disk (3): Manufactured in epoxy resin or glass, colored in red (ref. Pantone 032C scale) and glued onto the base (2).

(B) Ring: Ring (4) riveted, welded or cast on the back of the pendant body, and made of the same material;
(C) Pendant Necklace: Connection pin (5) tied to one of the rings (1) for passage of the chain (model to be defined);
(D) Pin: Pin (6) cast on the back of the pendant’s body, connected by the retaining clip (7);
(E) Tie clip: clip (8), made of stainless steel, riveted or screwed on the back of the pendant’s body.