Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

Competition Details

Hope Love Together

by karina Montes


the idea of this unique accessory, is to send a message of hope by using a necklace, as well as to demostrate our solidarity with japan. Understand their problem as ours. To take part of them, help in some way.
The necklace is made of aluminum on the outside, with plastic with a red circle in the center simulating the Japanese flag. In one side of the red circle there is a happy face, the smile is reminding us of the happiness, the happiness of being part of and helping the japanese. In the opposite side of the circle you will find a word. We will have 3 different kanjis, 3 different necklaces, "Love" (as shown in the picture) "Hope" and "Together".
By creating a collection of three different necklaces, we are encouraged to help more than once.
Together we can make a difference.