Japan Earthquake Relief: A symbolic charity accessory

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you are not alone

by Giorgio Cattano

Japan Relief
A red circle with a hole describes Japan and his wound.
A small silver heart comes to recover the hole.

The red circle, made of elastic material, embodies the resilience of the Japanese. “I bend but do not break”, as La Fontaine wrote (book 1, fable 22, 1668)
The surrounding steel circle represents the strength of the community.
The steel necklace is the world. We are the world and Japan is a piece of us.
The silver heart brings our message to all the Japanese: you are not alone.

The silver heart is also the closing mechanism. You just need to press it (from behind) into the soft rubber disk. The red disk is glued to the stainless steel ring. A small opening in the ring keeps the necklace into position and act as safety closure.
On the external surface of the ring there could be engraved a sentence. (for our brothers in Japan. The world family, 2011).
In case of higher donations, it’s possible to have different versions.
mod I : according to specification on drawings
mod II : all metal parts in silver
mod II I: heart in gold
mod IV : heart with a diamond