Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

Competition Details


by Anetta Anderwald

Pattern Bangla is for me a symbol of out of the darkness.
Darkness for everyone means something different. Sometimes it is difficult despair after losing someone or something, sometimes it is tragedy of the whole nation.
But in all difficult situations we must search a way out of our darkness.
In all colorways black presents represents feelings of sadness and loss. Hope is associated with
pure light colors. Simple rhythm of the transition from black, through pure, vivid colors to light white symbolizes natural rhythm of life changes. Color contrast creates bold geometric pattern,
simple shapes and tonal stripes. Simple design of the pattern offer elements of calm and tranquility.
It seems that it ensures cardinal truths – the need for order, beauty and harmony.
And of course the belief that it will be better – just hope.
Like many other fields of art, contemporary design is fond of going back to simplicity.
Presented pattern of regular check can successfully replace the arab patterns current in casual fashion sector for several years. A soft soothing palette exude calm, elegance and smooth modernity ensure the popularity in different age groups.