Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

Competition Details

Colorful HOPE

by Anetta Anderwald

Colorful HOPE (width[cm]-16,4, height[cm]-16,4, 6 colors, plain weave)

While designing fabric “Colorful HOPE”, I put special emphasis on these aspects of the traditional Grameen check which, from my point of view, are significant in contemporary design. These are use of pure vivid colors, juxtaposed with one another and the presence of the spirit of craftsmanship connected with traditional production methods.
In presented colorways I combined stripes in contrasting color ranges. I blended a palette of deep red, juicy orange and sunny yellow with rich green, magic violet and calm blue.
“Colorful HOPE” is typified by juxtapose planes of pure color, areas where these colors are mixed together and places in which the barely noticeable weft and wrap stripes, flow smoothly into each other, creating the feeling of sophisticated brushstrokes or irregular structure.
The concentration of so many colors and directions in this pattern does not cause any dissonance. On the contrary, it creates the harmony based on abundance and optical complexity.
With the mood of celebrity randomness the result is both poetic and optimistic.
Pattern “Colorful HOPE” incorporates , traditional, indigenous craft techniques, unexpected tactile experiences and a sense of expressive optimism.