Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

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HOPE in 21

by Anetta Anderwald

HOPE in 21 (width[cm]-20, height[cm]-20, density 21/cm, 6 colors, plain weave)

The name of this Project refers on the one hand to the number marking our centenary and, on the other, to basic parameters of this design .
I used number 21 as a module for building fabric structure and the creating pattern of it.
Density of warp and weft is 21 threads per centimeter . Additionally, each 21st thread in warp and weft repeat, I marked with one color. In the first colorway it is yellow in warp pattern and white in weft pattern. In 20 delimited areas, using these colors, I taken away threads from one color range by adding threads to another. In this way each area is different from each other and the whole pattern takes on the unique character. Following the adoption of these assumptions size of one repeat is exactly 20centimiters (vertically and horizontally) – like 20 centuries of our civilization.
On the resulting construction I imposed regular distribution between dark and light colors – the form of classical check.
The resulting aesthetic is classic and modern at the same time.
Check HOPE in 21 is universal, can be used as a material of clothing and, for example, home textiles. The big report and contrasting colors decide about suggestive power of these project. The presence of intriguing artistic and structural assumption can be interpreted as the kind of the game or play, aimed at of the enhancement of the product attractiveness.
Ultra- modern look of this design can make the 21st century better for people of Bangladesh.
It can become the hope for local manufacturing which is the part of the great tradition of these region.