Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

Competition Details

Nenufar, Check Pattern Textil

by Jose Cardona

General Concept:
Water lily, National Flower of Bangladesh

The water lily is an aquatic plant that roots in the deep soil of freshwater bodies covering the surface with its green leaves and blossoming a beautiful star-shaped flower that floats on among them. It is in this way that our analogy emerges. The water lily represents the hope of Bangladesh; a country that constantly fights for its development and that is invariably trying to spring up and surface every time a flood comes.

Applied Conceptualization:
In the textile, the pink-colored part of the pattern in contrast with the dark grey background is a representation of the water lily emerging from its enviroment as a sign of life, joy and hope. This is how, through my design, I look forward to expressing the concept of hope to everyone and anyone who lays eyes on the check pattern design.

The creative touch in this check pattern is found in the meaning of its shape created using vertical and horizontal smooth lines. The focus of hope is expressed and transmited through colors and shapes, catching the attention of whoever sees the finished textile product and linking the culture of Bangladesh with its handcrafts.
Because this check pattern has all the essence of modernity and the sophistication requiered, it will be easy to make it a successful product in todays market