Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

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I am a graphic designer teacher and I teach patterns,so when I decided to enter in this challenge, my first thought was what was the meaning for Hope?. First I searched in the web for the meanning, for images, for something.
Then I started to searche in me what was hope,. For me Hope is the feeling after you had terrible problem, that the sun will come out tommorow(like the song). That tomorrow is going to be a new day, a new beggining, and something great, like the sun will be up so you can feel that everything is going to be better. The symbol I used is was the sun coming up, a new day, a new beggining. And with a rainbon, that can be that at the end of it you can find lots of fabulous new things. I tried to used colors that they may mean happiness, nature and a new day.