Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

Competition Details

The Lotus

by houry markarian


A pattern is a checkered geometric form that is visually well set and calculated. It is known o be strict and well disciplined. However it is constrict. To me it gives connotation of bars, of a cage and where all are equal and no hope of change.

My purpose was to visually keep a sense of a grid with a calculated repetitive form, yet distort and metamorphosize the constrained elements and show prosperity and hope for change. The grid is based on the rhombus: a geometric from that symbolizes fertility and hope – a diamond-shape ideogram of the vulva. This shape gives birth to the Lotus the flower of rebirth and regeneration. Through the combination of these two elements, a visual development is noticeable within the pattern itself (the geometric rhombus transforming to an organic Lotus, inspired by the origami principle.)

As for the colors,
. Green is known for fertility and hope. It is the main color of the pattern inspired by the Bangladesh flag.
. Gold / Yellow symbolizing revolution power and light, inspired by the independence flag of Bangladesh.
. Red is for birth and passion.
. whereas the Blue is for peace and purity.

. In the image #5 you can see the pattern applied on a cotton fabric made in 3D MAX

* Please check the Lotus product in which the pattern is used as the base of the chess game.