Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

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what is the colour of hope?

by heidi strom

What is the colour of hope?

Textiles are among the oldest and most pervasive artforms. They convey beauty, tactility and utility as well as being containers of information and being cultural symbols linked to daily activities and life. A common denominator for textiles is the careful work with colour. People, like colours, create unexptected and remarkable things when they work together. The textile ’Hope’ is a reminder of the diversity and beauty existing among us. Using the minimum of ingredients, we can obtain a maximum of effect.

The design is emphasizing on the arrange of subtle effects obtained by continous investigation into the quality of colour. The design consitst of 6 colours progressing across the colour spectrum. The subtle variation of colour achieved by combining only 6 colours in warp and weft is a revelation. We may see, appearing in the weave, colours within colours that are only revealed by close scrutiny.