Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

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Hoping for peace and economic revival of Bangladesh

by yeoreum Lee

According to the scientists, the sea level of Bangladesh is rising due to global warming. Now around twenty million people in Bangladesh are facing the economic crisis because of submerged farmland. Bangladesh is the third rice producer in the world but half of the producing rice grows in the area where is vulnerable to floods.
Hoping for peace and economic revival of Bangladesh, I made the brand new pattern, “HOPE”. Green, Red and Blue are main color of this pattern. Green and red are from the flag of Bangladesh. The color Green means Bengali area with courage of brave youth and the color Red means sun of the freedom with sacrifice for independent. Used Blue color stands for rising water level.
Mainly, I try to express stability and comfort of Bangladesh by putting red circle in the center and green squares which surround the red center circle. On the edge, presenting blue color directly means rising water level. However, the color blue changes the meaning to represent happiness and optimism of Bangladesh from sadness and depress of current crisis by locating red and green line together. This implies that no matter how hard they faced problem, they can overcome it.
World should know about the problem that Bangladesh faced and should try to do the best to solve this crisis all together. I am longing for happiness of Bangladesh and world, through this pattern “HOPE”.