Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

Competition Details

on what hope is...

by Sanja Salih

Thinking about this challenge, I come to realize that hope is essential and rather simple and clear filling..simple in meanings, that it comes to us naturally in times of needs..therefore, I decided that the pattern should be simple and clear...and the only thing that could define such a abstract filling is color..so trough color I gave some suggestions on what hope is...It s simple and essential, but colorful- complicated in emotions...this kind of check pattern fabric could be used in a variety of products..jackets, sneakers , slippers, all kinds of kids garments...also as home fabric...it could be used in different size, but it will look best as big as it ken get..also its collor could change from seazon to season, but those colors should always be daring as they can get, because thats essential in order for this pattern to be brand defining..