Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design

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Birds of hope

by tadeja jutersek

Hope. The word that makes the world goes around. We hope every day. We hope that we will wake up in a sunny morning. Hope that mum is going to get well. Hope that we will have anouhg time to end project. And even more worldwide hopes. Hope that this world will finnally step together in peace. Hope that every single war is over. Hope that a cure for cancer will be found. Hope that every child has his mother to hug and love him.
A Bird for hope. The bird of hope. Not only a dove or a phoenix. Because every bird is free, every bird rises up and even sky is not the limit. Far above the mountain top, across the ocean, to the caves and trees. Birds can fly to every part of the world,they always fly to the better place. So should hope. Hope for everybody, for every child, for every single man on this world. Birds could bring a hope in every country in the world. Everybody should have his own bird, his own hope that fills up head with positive thinking. Because hope is a cure. A cure for physical and pshcologocal diseases. Hope and love.
A heart. A heart for love. Love is the answer why this world even exist. Love is the answer to every question. Love is the mother of hope.
I have drawn check pattern with my symbol of hope. Play of geometry. Birds of hope that are connected with beaks and tails. This tails connected together represent a heart. Love. So are the birds.Together in one heart. Together in one love. Andi f we travel on the edge of hearts, the road never ends, because there are two hearts sticked together like a mirror and we can travel around hearts in shape of number eight – endless. The road never ends. Hope and love are endless. Heart (love) will bring hope even to most hopeless people and situation.
Bird is the messenger for love and hope. Never give up. Never give up, in the name of love.
Minimum unit of pattern is one square of four birds – 4 cm x 4 cm. 2 squares repetedly create 20 cm x 20 cm pattern.