Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Product design

Competition Details

Netbook / Laptop / Ipad Cover

by Saikat Mitra
Co-authors: SAIKAT MITRA


Inspired from the ‘lungi’ worn by local population, this neoprene sheath is used as a protective case around the netbooks, ipads, etc carried out in day to day use

the ‘Aashaa’ check design is a
bright and livelier version of the checks seen in the ‘lungi’ – the lower garment worn by
the local populace

Incorporating colours from the fertile land, the river deltas, the national emblems, the
limitless blue sky, and a progressive red, the ‘Aashaa check’ belongs and identifies with
all and at the same time uplifts and projects the viewer, wearer and consumer to the
prosperous future in a global environment

Colour names -
blue sky - the all encompassing and limitless possibilities for hope
lily white - inspired from the national flag of Bangladesh - waterlily
jute brown - inspired from the unique and abundant crop of the fertile delta
sonar yellow - inspired form the national emblem of sonar bangla
progressive red - matched to the red colour on bangladesh flag
fertile green - matched to the background colour on bangladesh flag