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Silent Joe Plush

by Alejandra Barahona

We all have a child inside no matter what age we are and we all remember those plush characters that used to make us company at night when we were kids. Silent Joe is that friend, keeping you company everywhere you go. Made out entirely of fabric, from the inside out.
His inside is made out of all the little scraps of fabric that have lost their way. The outside is a mixture of textures and patterns that combine perfectly together. No silent Joe is the same, the combination of patterns change from Joe to Joe, even the thread color changes and the shape of the buttons making your Silent Joe one of a kind. Hand made by talented artisans with the best of care and attention to detail. By the time silent Joe gets old, do not worry, it can be returned to the factory where it will be re-used to create a New Silent joe. And this is just the beginning, Silent Joe can also come with friends and a bigger line can be developed in the future.