Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Product design

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by Paolo Emilio Bellisario
Co-authors: Andrea Cingoli, Cristian Cellini, Francesca Fontana

Hand-made by 100% organic cotton, inspired by Denim jeans, “Moody” is designed expecially for small spaces and youngs. It avoid people to place their mobiles, key, iPod on the table while dining. Pockets allows to hide inside, small presents for guests too or to hold napkins, remote controls and place-cards.
Loops helps to hang you keys or to add ribbons to decorate.
If you invite friends and extend the table, thanks to an easy zip in the middle you can plug the Moody tablecloth with one or more "Pluggy" runner,to extend the tablecloth too and catch the size you need.
Moody is washing machine safe. ShrinKage: max 4%.