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UNESCO’s Award of Excellence for Handicrafts Logo

by aynn

In many cultures, weaving has always been a staple in handicrafts. The interlaced strands, which form the pattern of the design, symbolize the creative artisanship involved in the traditional craft of weaving. These graceful strands – rising from a baseline and delicately fanning out into a sweeping flair – represent handicrafts breaking out of custom and convention. This design captures the notion that sustainable handcrafts can only be achieved through persistent innovation grounded on the bedrock of tradition.
The strong red color scheme of the logo, reminiscent of a burning flame, emphasizes one’s need for an enduring passion for the craft. This is combined with clean typography that exudes a sense of professionalism and excellence essential in this kind of workmanship. In addition, the overall design of the logo creates the illusion of a plaque or a trophy befitting the vision of a UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts.