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Award of Excellence for Handicrafts logo by Surendra Chauhan

by Surendra Chauhan

Handicraft, as the word implies is a type of work where useful and decorative devices are made completely by hand or using only simple tools. When I heard about the logo design competition, the first thing that came to my mind naturally was hands. And since this is an award of excellence for handicrafts, I thought of using hands as part of the design for the logo. I wanted to represent the logo using hands in such a manner that they also convey that this is a logo for an award. After thinking about the concept for a long time, I got the idea that if we join the thumbs and the index fingers of both our hands, (as shown in my design) we can create a shape of the award shield. I started with this concept and created the logo. Once I had created the logo, I had to decide on the color. As we all know, Gold is one of the most highly sought-after precious metals all over the world. The color of gold represents the standard of ‘Excellence’. Even in competitions like the Olympics, Wimbledon, etc. the first prize is always a gold medal or a gold trophy. So I decided that my logo cannot be any other color except Gold.