Crafting Excellence

Competition Details

Award of Excellence for handicrafts

by Firdaus

The design elements and principles of my logo design are built blocks used to create handicrafts. The elements that I applied are lines, shapes and textures. The line marks are made with the pen and brush tools. I also used line to create other shapes as their ends meet. The principles of design for this logo is, balance by using form and white space for this logo and for the texture, I used the white circle to create finger prints texture. I used Century Gothic as my font type for this logo to create a grand and formal mood for this logo. The typo’s size of handicrafts is big because it is meant to highlight the main theme which is “handicrafts”. The main subject matter for this logo is fingerprints to represent the uniqueness of handicrafts. The line texture for the letters in the blocks represents fingerprint. The shape that forms this logo, “AE” represents the Award of Excellence, and the surface of the shape “AE” has texture of a fingerprint which represents each handicrafts is made by hands and they have fingerprints of handicrafts' artist on them. The texture of the fingerprints tells a story of how the handicraft was form with a lot of fingerprints on them. Each handicraft had their own identity which is represented through the fingerprints. I chose to use the fingerprints for my texture because it represents the identity of designer. As we should realize, each product is hand-made and there’s fingerprints on the product. Each fingerprint is unique and I wish to apply this subject matter on my logo. The shape itself is a self-contained a modern style and have a clean cut to reflect latest style or design. It also reflects the concept of Form follows Function which means; all spaces has their own functions such as creating forms and a motive for the Award of Excellence for Handicrafts, the logo use white spaces to create a form of “AE”. I’m using dark turquoise colour for my logo because I want to create a mood of fluorescence, ceremony, spirit and a classic mood. This colour is in dark fluorescent category. I also wished to show how we could use modern design to create a logo for traditional products with creativity, turquoise is the most suitable color that suits my design.