Crafting Excellence

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World handicrafts, one soil for all

by Edgardo Maya

The proposal represents the creative process and the development of the handicraft’s work. It is a tribute to the valuable work –in every sense, of artisans as driving forces of development and human imagination, without letting aside their cultural heritage, as well as considering as the base of handicrafts the human creativity in contact with the essential element of our Earth.

The element of the pot represents the artisan tradition, and the hands –the creators.

The five juxtaposed pots represent the five continents of the Earth at equilibrium - the universality of handicrafts.
The circular and tidy form of the pots in circle represents the creative cycle that implies also innovation and sustainability.

The earth color and its blends represent the basic element of the artisans from all over the world, as an element of the soil they share and that shapes their work; the same soil that grows various materials that can be used for handicrafts.

The ochre color represents the basic color of the materials over the world that is still valid despite all technological changes that support innovation.